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'Value for money and full support throughout the entire project'

When I began Brook Morton Architecture in 2010 I considered how best to provide a good and valued service for my clients.

For one of my first projects, I was asked to design a dining room extension, as my clients felt their house was too small.  By reworking the existing layout we were able to reduce an over large family room and relocate the main entrance to provide the required dining room, as well as an additional utility room without the need to extend.  At this point I adopted our main work philosophy 'to provide our clients with value for their money, not just to build extensions if the existing can be made to work more efficiently'.  

For the client's budgeting benefit, the industry advises client's to consider the cost of the consultants (Architects, Structural Engineers, Party Wall Surveyors) involved within the project, being between 10 to 20% of the build costs.

As an alternative, I only charge my clients for the work actually required, and invoice monthly (which mitigates unseen, escalating costs). Compare this to the traditional method of fees, which is based upon the construction contract value (where it would be in my interests for the project to become more expensive, as I would then receive a higher fee), or on a fixed fee basis, which has to build in contingencies, that you may not need (and then charges you additional fees for the unforeseen extras not included in the fixed fee).

I know I am not the cheapest. However, I work hard to offer the best value for money.  Making good use of all the benefits of 3D modelling, for the entire project, lets me develop the design hand in hand with my clients. I can give you a greater understanding of what will be achieved in the build.  By investing extra time and expense spent at the beginning of the project can save considerable time and far greater expense when the build is actually on site. If you don't believe me, just take a look at some of my testimonials

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