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Sun study

We developed the shape of the cowl extension to the roof to act as a bris soleil for the hottest and brightest times of the day, without limiting the view from the fully glazed gable wall.


Working directly in the 3D model brings many benefits, as well as being the most efficient way to work. There are lots of different visualisation tools to improve understanding the development of the design. This is far quicker than traditional, plans, sections and elevations. We do though of course produce these as well for the planning, building regulation, and construction stages. The 3D BIMx files we issue to our clients, include existing and proposed drawings, which are then expanded into a 3D model. These models can be downloaded onto tablets/ipads, and mobile phones via an app. Or they can be accessed using an internet browser. As part of the design process we can produce sun studies to analyse the requirement for bris soleil or other architectural devices. Below are some examples of visualisations.

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